Cake Craft CD35 Dual Action Airbrush

Cake Craft CD35 Dual Action Airbrush (CD35)
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  • Gravity feed dual action airbrush 
  •  Nozzle size 0.35mm Gravity feed 2cc fluid cup & lid
  •  Approved by Cassie Brown

The CD35 provides exceptional performance when used with lower air pressure. This dual action airbrush provides a soft and even spray perfect for delicate work, and has a gap in the tail allowing for convenient cleaning and unlocking.


• Nozzle size 0.35mm
• Gravity feed 2cc fluid cup with lid
• Exceptional atomisation & accurate spray control
• Sprays light to heavy viscosity media

Suitable for:

• Makeup
• Nail Art
• Body Art
• Hobby and Craft
• Cake decorating
• Model Painting
• Art and Graphics
• Custom Automotive

Double Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint.

Gravity Feed

Gravity airbrushes have a cup in the top of the body. Less air pressure is required as the paint is drawn to the tip by both gravity & air pressure.


Cake Airbrushing


Airbrushing is a cost effective and time saving method of cake decoration.
It on cakes allows the user to cover large areas easily and economically.
Create amazing ombre effects, or add detail and shading freehand or with the use of stencils.
Use to add a mist of colour to sugar roses or give a coloured border to a plaque.


Cassie Brown Cake Craft

The Cassie Brown Cake Craft range includes airbrushing kits and a choice of mixable edible colours, useful hand tools, exclusive quality food-grade stainless steel cutters, How-To DVDs, books and lots more. Suitable for use by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Cassie has been teaching and demonstrating since 2001 and is proud to be an accredited demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft Guild, also demonstrating to the Sugar Art Association and many other clubs.

Cake Craft CD35 Dual Action Airbrush