G-S Hypo-Tube Cement

G-S Hypo-Tube Cement (AD1431)
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Hypo-Tube Cement

  • Precision applicator allows maximum control of jeweller's cement
  • Excellent for bead stringing
  • A small amount on knots will ensure they never come loose
  • Non brittle
  • Dries clear

G-S Hypo Cement Great for Crafts & Hobbies. This is a new tube of G-S hypo cement. Great for model building, ceramic and plastic repair, fly fishing lures, watch crystals, jewellery repair, bead crafts, fine screw locking and industrial applications. Just a small amount on knots and they will never come loose. Precision applicator for fine detail work. Mess free, non-brittle and dries clear.


  • Part of the Hobbies Jewel Tool range
  • Quality tools at affordable prices geared towards the bead craft, amateur and professional jewellers.
G-S Hypo-Tube Cement
G-S Hypo-Tube CementG-S Hypo-Tube Cement