Match Craft Ledge Caravan Matchstick Kit

Match Craft Ledge Caravan Matchstick Kit (11497)
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Have fun building this magnificent matchstick model of the beloved Vardo caravan, which will look great displayed in your home. 

The Vardo became the traditional vehicle of the British Romani and was much loved as a cultural design as well as for its magnificent craftsmanship.

The Ledge had a very narrow floor space which then opened out at knee-level over the wheels, via a ledge. Outside a spindle rack for keeping vegetables or hens was tucked inbetween each ledge and the front wheel. With its ornate lamps and beautifully crafted doors and windows it was much loved by the travelling and gypsy communities

There were about six variants of the Vardo including the Ledge and the Bow Top.


Kit contains:
Ready-made coloured wheels
Cardboard cut-out formers
Axle Pins
Full Instructions

Overall size of finished model:
240mm long, plus 130mm shafts; 130mm wide; 190mm high.

Scale approx: 1:20


Match Craft Ledge Caravan Matchstick Kit