Hobbyzone Ultimate Workstation Modular Unit

Hobbyzone Ultimate Workstation Modular Unit (HZ-WS1A)
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We are pleased to present the Hobbyzone 'Ultimate' Workstation Modular system 

This comprises individual modules that are joined together using magnets. This allows you to arrange your workplace, tailored to your individual requirements. 

The system has practically unlimited upgradeability, and you can add new modules easily to your workplace as and when required.

Approx. dimensions of the completed workstation: 

Length: 1500mm x Width 750mm x Depth: 450mm

hobbyzone ultimate modular workstation

The Ultimate Workstation includes the following modules:

  • 4 x HZ-OM11 End corner drawer modules
  • 3 x HZ-OM2  3-drawer modules
  • 2 x HZ-OM12 End corner shelves
  • 1 X HZ-OM5U Bottles module
  • 1 X HZ-OM6U Corner bottles module
  • 1 X HZ-OM6S Corner paints module 26mm
  • 2 X HZ-OM4 Corner shelves module
  • 2 X HZ-OM3 Corner drawers module
  • 3 X HZ-OM1  6-drawers modules
  • 1 X HZ-OM5B Paints module 36mm
  • 1 X HZ-OM5S Paints module 26mm
  • 1 X HZ-OM10 Large showcase WIP module
  • 1 X HZ-OM09 Showcase WIP module
  • 1 X HZ-OM08 Paper towel module
  • 1 X HZ-OM07 Brushes & tools module
  • 1 X HZ-OM5XB Paints module 41mm

Please note paints, brushes, glues etc shown in photo are not included.

Hobbyzone Ultimate Workstation Modular Unit