Making Miniatures: Projects for the 1:12 Scale Dolls House By Christiane Berridge

Making Miniatures: Projects for the 1:12 Scale Dolls House By Christiane Berridge (HB205)
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Making Miniatures for 12th Scale Dolls Houses By Christiane Berridge

22 Unique Projects

128 Pages

  • Advice on choosing a new dolls' house and getting the most out of a dolls' house fair
  • Interiors: French dining room, Swedish bedroom, floral morning room, fun & funky ideas for the living room, Victorian cottage kitchen, and an Edwardian gentleman's study.
  • Gardens: greenhouse, cottage garden & japanese garden
  • Shops: bakery / cafe, toy shop, greengrocer, antique shop, and country home store
  • Something different: bandstand, Arabian tent, theatre box and clock


This delightful compilation of unconventional projects by Christine Berridge will inspire budding dolls' house enthusiasts and hands-on hobbyists alike. The easy-to-follow text, detailed step-by-step instructions and numerous illustrations make these varied projects accessible to anyone with a little basic equipment and the desire to try something new. You do not need great artistic skills and, with time and imagination, you can adapt the projects to create your own unique and very personal pieces.

From a charming French cafe to an Arabian tent decorated with exotic rugs and wall hangings, this delightful compilation of 22 unique projects, done in standard 1:12 size, will enchant doll house enthusiasts and other miniaturists.

All that's needed is some basic equipment and the desire to create imaginative miniature worlds.

A Swedish Bedroom features red-and-white gingham fabric throughout, while the Floral Morning Room has scented forget-me-not wallpaper and a doll seated at a tiny skirted table set for tea.

You can also craft a greenhouse, Japanese garden, general store, or theater box, along with pretty polymer clay people to populate each lovely space you make.


Christiane Berridge is editor of The Dolls' House Magazine, a monthly magazine from The Guild of Master Craftsmen aimed at adult collectors of dolls' houses and miniatures. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her wide experience of the world of miniatures makes this book invaluable to anyone interested in this addictive hobby.

Progressing from being an enthusiastic hobbyist to becoming features editor of Dolls House World, and now editor of GMC's The Dolls' House Magazine, Christiane Berridge has a thorough understanding of the world of miniatures. The benefit of her experience and love of dolls' houses shows through in the creative projects in this book

Making Miniatures: Projects for the 1:12 Scale Dolls House By Christiane Berridge