Dolls House Garden Accessories

Expand your dolls house outside with some of our garden accessories. Create beautiful, abundant gardens with flora and trees as a beautiful back drop to your dolls house. From evergreen to shrubbery, from potted plants to flower beds, our 12th scale miniature dolls house accessories will add a vibrant and abundant air to your dolls house. To match your beautiful dolls house garden, we offer a range of 12th scale garden tools, lawnmowers, buckets and wellingtons, for the gardener in your dolls house. Alternatively, fill your dolls’ garden with outdoor furniture, for summer meals in the garden, or deck chairs for relaxing in warm weather. Give your dolls house garden a beautiful green lawn or high quality wooden decking, or create a farm yard outside of your country house. A town house might need a few bicycles outside, or a telephone box, to indicate its location. Whatever accessories you need, we are sure to have them, so you can make the outside of your dolls house as vibrant, interesting and functional as the inside.