Pets & Animals

Dolls House Pets & Animals

The family dog or the family cat will make a great addition to your dolls house. Our 12th scale animals include a wide range of dog breeds, such as German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels and Jack Russells, for a family friendly pet to add a little extra to your miniature home. If you’re more of a cat person we also sell assorted kitten and cat sets, for a full furry family. Of course, all of these animals need various accessories, such as beds, food bowls and kennels, for a happy and contented life in your dolls house. If your dolls house is on a farm, why not try adding live stock into the mix, with our piglets and chicken assortments? Or for outdoor pets and pet shops, why not try our packs of assorted guinea pigs and rabbits? We also stock hutches and outhouses in 12th scale for outdoor animals.