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Specialist Glues

Veritas Chair Doctor Glue

57ml (2 fl.oz) (510450)

£8.15  £7.34

Pro Kit 114ml (4 fl.oz) (510451)

£9.95  £8.96

Veritas Chair Doctor Glue

  • Suitable for Wood
  • Interior (Furniture)
  • Setting time 1-24 hours


Chair Doctor Glue does exactly what the name implies - it fixes chairs. If a chair has a loose rung an injection of Chair Doctor Glue will first swell the rung and then bond it in position. The secret is the low viscosity. It soaks into the end grain, swells the wood then 'freezes' the wood in its swollen state as it cures. A film of dry glue is left on the walls of the wood cells preventing contraction. The glue can penetrate the narrowest of cracks and is supplied in a bottle with a micro dropper applicator tip which lets you place the glue accurately. For regular cabinetmaking PVA adhesive is the best choice; but for fixing loose joints where disassembly is not an option Chair Doctor Glue is the most suitable. Available as a 57ml(2fl.oz) bottle or the Pro Kit which contains 114ml(4fl.oz) of glue, syringe and three different injection needles.

Veritas Chair Doctor Glue

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