Titebond Extend Wood Glue

Extend Wood Glue 473ml (701738)
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Extend Wood Glue 3.8 Litre (701739)
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Key Features

More time to assemble than Titebond Original
more time to apply than Titebond Original
A stiffer cured glue line than Titebond Original
More heat resistance than Titebond Original
The perfect glue for laminations
Versatile - Water clean-up - Non toxic


Formulated from the Original Wood Glue this professional interior aliphatic resin emulsion will give you the same reliability of bond and more. Providing you with more 'open time' for complicated assemblies and the extended application times needed for laminations. Developing a bond stronger than the wood itself, Extend Wood Glue is also stiffer and more heat resistant in the fully cured state than Titebond III and most other PVA and aliphatic resins, making it most suitable for laminations in shaped work and interior applications likely to be exposed to higher than normal temperatures (kitchens, fire surrounds, radiator covers, trivets, airing cupboards to name but a few).

Titebond Extend Wood Glue
Titebond Extend Wood GlueTitebond Extend Wood GlueTitebond Extend Wood Glue