Aerographics Fairey Swordfish

Aerographics Fairey Swordfish (SM334)
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Super Phatic Glue 50ml (AD21)
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Tissue Paste (AD60)
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Deluxe Materials Eze Dope 250ml (BD42)
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First flown in 1934 this aircraft affectionately known as the Stringbag was the mainstay fleet torpedo bomber of the British Navy during WW2.

This Aerographics Fairey Swordfish Balsa Kit is based on the aircraft still flying with the Royal Navy Historic Flight.

  • Wingspan - 26" 635mm
  • Stripwood and printed balsa sheet panels. Full size plan and detailed building and flying instructions.
  • Complete with Tissue, Flight Propeller 2 Blade, Plastic Wheels, Decals and Rubber Motor.

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase Glue (BC/L), Dope (NCD), Dope Thinners (NCD/T) and Tissue Paste (AD60).

Why not use Delux Materials Eze Dope BD42 (Non Toxic) instead of Dope and Dope Thinners

Aerographics Fairey Swordfish