Aerographics Gloster Gladiator Balsa Kit

Aerographics Gloster Gladiator (SM339)
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Super Phatic Glue 50ml (AD21)
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Tissue Paste (AD60)
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Deluxe Materials Eze Dope 250ml (BD42)
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This very popular Aerographics Gloster Gladiator balsa model is based on the aircraft still flying at Old Warden as part of the Shuttleworth collection.

The Gladiatior is still famous after 60 years for the stout defence of Malta during WW2.

Another great kit from the pen of consumate British modeller, David Deadman.

Wingspan - 21.5" - 564mm

The box is simply stuffed with goodies: 3 different sets of mouldings, clear canopy, sheets of printed balsa wood, roundels, 2 blade flight prop and tail flash decal sheet.

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase Glue (BC/L), Dope (NCD), Dope Thinners (NCD/T) and Tissue Paste (AD60).

Why not use Delux Materials Eze Dope BD42 (Non Toxic) instead of Dope and Dope Thinners

Aerographics Gloster Gladiator Balsa Kit