West Wings Amethyst Competition Balsa Glider Kit

Amethyst Competition Glider (WW17)
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Amethyst Competition Glider

The Amethyst is a purpose-designed competition (A1) style glider with the sole aim of extracting absolute maximum performance from the design. Although style was not a major consideration, we have managed to make her quite eye-catching anyway.

Construction is from a majority of CNC cut components that build quickly and accurately. The wings are designed to be self jigging and are a real help when building from under-cambered ribs. The section chosen is the popular NACA 6409 which provides the high lift required and is well proven.

This kind of glider is easily ‘knocked’ on landing, so we have given her both a wing and tailplane that are secured with elastic bands.

As a competition glider, we have shown details of both a ‘De-Thermaliser’ and ‘ Auto-Rudder’ installations. The parts for these are not included but the modifications are shown. The more ingenious builder could probably fit micro R/C if he wanted!

The Amethyst is the kind of model that will appeal to the performance minded and those that want something a bit special.

Specifications Span (Inches): 49"

Span (mm): 1245

Scale: Non Scale

Power: Glider (Towline)

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As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase Glue (BC/L), Eze Dope (BD42)

Also consider Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste specially designed for model aircraft use.

West Wings Amethyst Competition Balsa Glider Kit