Mantua Models Bruma Ocean Going Yacht Kit

Bruma Ship Kit (HPS/736)
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Motor Accessory Kit (HPS/600)
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Speedbond Wood Glue 112g (AD10)
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Roket Max Cyano Glue 20g (AD45)
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Scale reproduction of the Bruma ocean going fishing boat, converted into a pleasure yacht.

This Mantua Models kit is a plank on frame construction for radio control or as a fine display model.

The Mantua Models motor kit is available as a separate item (part HPS/600).

Scale 1:45

Length 860mm

Useful tools that may help you.

8151 - Bends metal or wood strip materials. Comes with 3 sets of jaws for square, curved or bent formation.

8150 - Bends strip materials over the roller faces. Great for internal bends. Different roller faces to enable you to choose the degree of bend required.

8155 - Cutting and parring tool. Also holds the keel section of the hull for easier handling during construction.

Mantua Models Bruma Ocean Going Yacht Kit