Mtroniks WTail Mixer Mixing Module

Mtroniks WTail Mixer Mixing Module (VMWT)
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  • No set up required
  • Mix two channels
  • Extremely small size
  • 100% Waterproof

The WTail mixing module is designed for use in RC models where you want to mix two seperate signals such as throttle and steering.

It is ideal for model boats that have two motors and also a rudder.

The mixer module is easy to connect up and allows you to use your transmitters throttle and rudder/steering chanels to operate your model by mixing the signals to each speed controller/motor to speed up or slow down to give steering effect. The WTail mixer also has two extra outputs to allow you to connect up a rudder and a further centrally mounted motor.

All Mtroniks mixer modules are 100% waterproof.

Technical Specification

Product Type Digital
Set up No set up required
Battery Type NiCAD/NiMH/Lead Acid/LiPo
Waterproof Yes
Dimensions L25.0mm x W15.0mm x H6.0mm
Weight 12.0g
Mtroniks WTail Mixer Mixing Module