Mantua Models Mincio Motor Boat Kit

Mincio Kit (HPS/704)
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Mantua models reproduction of a typical inboard engine boat, Mincio is similar to that seen on lake Garda or in Venice.

The construction is keel on frame and double planked. The first layer in balsa wood and the second in Mahogany.

All parts are laser cut, accessories and motor are included.

Ideal plank on frame RC boat.

Scale of 1:20 Length 450mm 

You may also require Super Glue Slow (ref. code AD45)

8151 - Bends metal or wood strip materials. Comes with 3 sets of jaws for square, curved or bent formation.

8150 - Bends strip materials over the roller faces. Great for internal bends. Different roller faces to enable you to choose the degree of bend required.

8155 - Cutting and parring tool. Also holds the keel section of the hull for easier handling during construction.

Mantua Models Mincio Motor Boat Kit