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Mantua Models RMS Titanic Kit

Titanic Part 1 (Hull and Front & Rear Decks) (HPS/725)

£275.00  £247.50

Titanic Part 2 (Motor Pack) (HPS/726)

£125.00  £112.50

Titanic Part 3 (Hull & Fore and Aft Decorations) (HPS/727)

£145.00  £129.95

Titanic Part 4 (Superstructure kit) (HPS/728)

£325.00  £295.00

Titanic Part 5 (Finishing kit) (HPS/729)

£129.00  £115.99

Titanic Complete Kit 1 to 5 (HPS/7251)


Titanic Complete Kit without Motor (HPS/725WM)


The Titanic is the flag ship of the Mantua boat range.

Fully detailed kit of this famous White Star liner.

The kit comes in 5 parts : Part 1 : The Hull kit consists of a planked hull over laser cut plywood frames. Twin propshafts (the centre prop is a dummy). Three scale cast brass propellers, plus the fore and quarterdeck planking.

Part 2 : The Motor kit contains two motors, the beltdrive reduction unit, motor mounts and the internal plywood mounts for the radio equipment.

Part 3 : The Hull plating kit contains all the hull plating sheets made from laser cut ply. These incorporate all the porthole, entry port, hull window and scupper detail; laser cut wooden deck seats, and all the brass deck fittings for the fore and quarterdecks.

Part 4 : The Superstructure Kit contains all superstructure woodwork and part of the superstructure fittings including funnels, lifeboats and masts.

Part 5 : Finishing pack.

Scale 1:200

Length 1350mm

Mantua Models RMS Titanic Kit

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