Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat Kit

34" Precedent Small Wood Huntsman. (HSW)
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46" Precedent Large Wood Huntsman. (HLW)
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The classic Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 has been charming modellers for many years,with its advanced hull design and classy super-structure.

Available in two scale sizes (1/11th 34" & 1/8th 46" scale) With plywood hull.

Both have one-piece removable superstructures which allow plenty of room for even the largest motors.

No running hardware is provided as this will vary greatly depending on the type of power unit used. But the detailed instructions give plenty of installation options for the model.

The Huntsman 31 was Alan Burnard's brainchild as The primary reason for this hull was comfort at sea and racing (and staying dry!). Alan drew the hull lines in 1966/1967 Two versions of the Huntsman 31 were to be built by Faireys, one with an aft cabin and one with an open cockpit. Between the years 1961 and 1973 the total number of awards won by Fairey Marine cruisers in powerboat races was 148. In addition to this was an impressive tally of 54 awards for races in 1969 alone. This makes a grand total of 202 awards in 12 years or almost 17 awards per year!! Price in 1970 for the complete boat was £11,340 inc twin Perkins T6354 145hp diesels.

Our suggestions for adding Radio Control to a Large 46" Precedent Fairey Huntsman Model Boat:

First of all you will need the excellent:
Planet T5 2.4GHz 5 Channel Transmitter & Receiver Set 
which has been designed for crystal-free operation, and has a range up to 100 metres  (always perform a range check before use). However some customers report using successfully over 100 meters.

With this we suggest you use:
Viper Marine Forward & Reverse Speed Controller 25Amp which is a Brushed Speed Control designed specifically for use in RC boats. This Speed Controller has a 25Amp motor limit, which means you can use any DC Brushed motor as long as the current drawn by that motor does not exceed 25Amps under load (with the prop connected, under water).

Other required products include:  

Single Standard Servo - RC3S
Lead Acid Battery 12V 7Ah - BAT12V7
Electric Motor 12V 10.8Ah - EM850
Heavy Duty Prop Shaft M4 x 30cm Tube - PSU2/12
Universal Coupling Joint - UCJ
Coupling 4mm threaded for PSU2 Prop Shaft - UCF/M4
Coupling 6mm for Motors & Gearboxes - UCF/6
Large Rudder 67mm Blade Depth - RAU4
Robbe Dynamic S 2-Blade Propeller 45mm - R1475



Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat Kit
Precedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat KitPrecedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat KitPrecedent Fairey Huntsman 31 Model Boat Kit