Plans & Fittings

Welcome to the Plans and Fittings section. To help you to find what you're after, you can use the filters on the left hand side of the page to refine the choices available or simply use the search bar at the top of the page.

At Hobbies we have a large selection of Plans & Fittings, offering you a great selection of projects to build, craft and care for. We offer a selection of Outdoor Projects, Boats, Dolls Houses, Toy Farms, Castles, Garages, Push Along Toys, Clocks & Musical and Games.

There are hours of fun to be had building these projects. Many of the wooden toys will out last their rivals and last for many generations.

All the materials needed are listed in the plans, including details for the fittings and wood packs.

As well as fittings for some of the plans, we can also supply uncut wood packs giving you enough material to complete your project.

Please note that some of the plans have had some slight alterations over the years and some materials have been substituted. These are plans that may require some thought to interpret, however we have sold thousands of these plans with very few problems.

Why not have a go at the various car, police car, tractor or double decker bus plans on offer