Tamiya Brachiosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama Kit

Tamiya Brachiosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama Kit (60106)
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Paint pack for Brachiosaurus kit (7 x 10ml) (PP60106)
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This fascinating model kit from Tamiya allows you to create a fabulous 1/35th scale diorama setting of two Brachiosaurus dinosaurs. The diorama model has been thoroughly researched and is highly educational.

It is highly accurate in scale and pose. 

The Brachiosaurus lived from the Late Jurassic to the Cretaceous period and this assembly kit reproduces this massive sauropod which was said to reach weights of 80 tons or more.

The model reaches 440mm in height and features believable skin textures and creases.

Parts are included to depict open or closed mouths as well as standing or walking poses.

A young Brachiosaurus is also included along with the diorama base, a Archaeopteryx and a same-scale human figure completes the set to enable an interesting size comparison.

Height: 440mm x Length: 670mm


What is a Brachiosaurus ?

The Brachiosaurus (Arm Reptile) is one of the largest, most massive land creatures known to have roamed the earth to date. They lived during the Late Jurassic Period, about 150 million years ago, and were part of the family of huge sauropod dinosaurs. Their remains are found in North America, Europe and Africa, indicating that they may have lived into the Early Cretaceous Period. It is assumed from the fossil skeletons found, that the Brachiosaurus grew to a length of about 25 meters and weighed about 70 tonnes. They had exceptionally long front legs (or arms) and short hind legs, which resembles the bone structure of today’s giraffes. The shoulders were positioned high, allowing the long neck and head to be raised to a height of over 16 meters. The neck section is believed to have had powerful muscles for support, and to allow it to move freely. Its very distinctive skull had sturdy jaws with large chisel-shaped teeth. The huge nostrils located in the forehead between the eyes suggest that this dinosaur may have had an acute sense of smell as well as excellent eyesight.


What is a Archaeopteryx ?

Found in the Jurassic rocks on the European continent, the Archaeopteryx is often is often described by Palaeontologists as a bird-like creature that evolved from the dinosaurs. With a size approximating the modern crow, fossil skeletons found have feather impressions that provide hints that it may have come close to being able to fly. Other features differ greatly from the birds that we know today. The skull had large eye sockets, and it had sharp teeth instead of a beak.  Each wing had fingers with claws, presumably for moving about in trees, and it had a long feathered tail. Although the Archaeopteryx's muscle structure indicates that it was not capable of flapping its wings for flight, it may have been able to glide from heights while hunting for food.


Tamiya Brachiosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama Kit
Tamiya Brachiosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama KitTamiya Brachiosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama Kit