Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Dinosaur 1:35 Scale Model Kit

Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Dinosaur 1:35 Scale Model Kit (60202)
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Paint pack for Stegosaurus Model (7 x 10ml ) (PP60202)
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This is a plastic model kit of the 1/35 Scale Stegosaurus Stenops Prehistoric Dinosaur from Tamiya. It has been thoroughly researched to be as accurate in appearance, scale and pose as possible.

The Stegosauris Stenops was perhaps the best known of all the plated, or armoured dinosaurs that lived during the late Jurassic period some 195 - 136 million years ago. With a length of six metres and a weight of about 2 tons, this peaceful vegetarian is believed to have lived in the swampy areas of the world, feeding upon soft plants that grew in humid and hot climates.

It had an extremely small head, as compared with the size of its body, and its brain was believed to have been the size of a walnut. It's now believed that this brain only worked the jaws and warned when food or danger was near. It had a small birdlike beak and chewed its food with small, deepset teeth. To facilitate movement, it had two additional brains or nerve systems which moved the legs and swung the tail in a danger situation. Due to the closeness of the bones in the tail it is felt that the Stegosaurus could only make short protective movements with its spike studded tail, rather then swing it round freely for safety from other Carnivores. The twin rows of boney plates are thought to have been for protection of its spinal column.


Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Model Features:

  • Plastic parts moulded in light gray and attached to sprue trees.
  • Thorough research for a highly accurate model, including the scale and pose.
  • Parts attach together - cement not essential for assembly.
  • Skin is rippled and worn looking - very lifelike and used.
  • Shorter legs in front, small head, double plates lining the back, and strong spikes at the end of the tail.
  • Various shades of green and light green, plus reptilian-like bumps throughout its large body.
  • Informative pictorial instruction sheet included.


 Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Model Specifications:

  • Body: Length: 8" (20cm)
  • Scale: 1/35

Painting the model:

The true colouration of dinosaurs is unknown, but living reptiles of this day and age, such as crocodiles, are a good example of what colour Jurassic age reptiles were.

Glue and paint sold seperately



Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Dinosaur 1:35 Scale Model Kit
Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Dinosaur 1:35 Scale Model KitTamiya Stegosaurus Stenops Dinosaur 1:35 Scale Model Kit