Revell German Truck V3000S 1/35th Scale Plastic Model Kit

Revell German Truck V3000S (03234)
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1x 09, 78, 84, 91

Revell German Truck V3000 Scale Plastic Model Kit

Scale 1:35 Length 182 mm No. of parts 192

From 1940 onwards the German army, by standardizing and simplifying the numerous types of trucks, tried to improve the procurement of spare parts and facilitate repairs. The result was the standard 3 ton truck, which all German manufacturer now used as a basis for construction. This was also the basis on which the motor manufacturer in Cologne produced the "V3000S" from 1941 onwards. Various bodies and sets of equipment were available. A typical recognition feature was the oval radiator grille and one-piece windscreen. In total about 25,000 examples were built. The "V 3000 S" came to be used on all fronts in the Second World War and was indispensable for supplying the troops with goods of all kinds.

- 1941 version
- Detailed surfaces with fine engravings
- Detailed engine
- Authentic interior
- Detailed chassis and undercarriage
- Open platform
- Filigree components

Authentic decals for four vehicles:
- Nachschub Abt.;Div. Großdeutschland, Russland, 1942
- Flak Abt. Herman Göring, Italein, 1944
- Polizei Division, Jugoslawien, 1944
- Russischer Beute LKW, Ostpreussen 1945

Revell German Truck V3000S 1/35th Scale Plastic Model Kit