Revell Supermarine Seafire Aircraft 1:48 Scale Plastic Model Kit 04835

Revell Supermarine Seafire (04835)
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Starter Paint Pack (PP04835)
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Paint Pack Inlcudes 1x Revell Paints 56, 59, 67, 79

Model details

  • Scale - 1:48
  • No. of parts - 123
  • Length - 205 mm
  • Wingspan - 234 mm
  • Skill Level - 4


  • Detailed Surfaces with recessed Panel Joints
  • Detailed cockpit with Instrument Panel
  • Pilot Seat with detailed framework
  • Detailed Undercarriage
  • Arrester Hook in 2 versions
  • Separate Radiator
  • Auxiliary Tank over the fuselage
  • Separate Access Hatch
  • Decals for 2 Royal Navy versions

The Seafire Mk XV was the first Royal Navy carrier aircraft to be fitted with the Rolls-Royce Griffon engine.
The larger and heavier Griffon produced substantially more power than the Rolls Royce Merlin.
Originally planned for use in the Pacific theatre against the Japanese, the first aircraft were however delivered too late to actively participate in combat.
A larger number were delivered to Canada, France and Burma. Equipped with two 20 mm Hispano Mk.V cannons and four Browning machine guns, it achieved a top speed of 623 km/h (387 mph).

Revell Supermarine Seafire