Revell Westlands Wessex HAS MK.3 Helicopter 1/48th Scale Plastic Model Kit

Revell Wessex HAS Mk.3 (04898)

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Starter Paint Pack Contains Revell Paints

9, 15, 47, 56, 76, 79

Revell Westlands Wessex HAS MK.3 Helicopter

No. of parts: 133

Length: 314 mm

Rotor diameter: 356 mm

From 1967 onwards the Westland Wessex HAS Mk3 was used by the Royal Navy in the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) role. Developed from the S-58, the HAS Mk3 received a more powerful version of the Napier Gazelle engine, a new radar system and a comprehensive flight control system. Due to the characteristic radome on top of the fuselage she was nicknamed "The Camel". The last successful deployment of the Wessex HAS Mk3 was during the Falklands War. In 1983 they were decommissioned. "Humphrey" of No. 737 NAS aboard HMS Antrim gained fame by sinking an Argentinian submarine.


  • Recessed fuselage Panel Joints
  • Detailed Cockpit with Instrument Panel
  • A choice of Interior Seats for the Cabin
  • External Torpedo Pylons
  • Moving Main and Tail Rotors
  • Detailed Undercarriage
  • Rescue Winch
  • Radome on the Fuselage
  • A Choice of Engine Cowling with or without Front Intake
  • Decal Sets for 2 Royal Navy Versions, No. 706 NAS and No. 737 NAS "Humphrey"

Required Colors: 9 15 47 56 76 79

w1Revell Westlands Wessex HAS mk.3 Helicopter 1/48th Scale