Wilesco Steam Roller "Old Smokey" D365

Wilesco Steam Roller Old Smokey D365 (STM365)
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Wilesco Steam Roller "Old Smokey" D365

Mirror polished and nickelplated boiler, diameter 45 mm, length 185 mm, boiler capacity 230 cm³, with water gauge glass.

Double action reversible brass cylinder, with flywheel, spring loaded safety valve, steam regulator, steam whistle, steam jet oiler and footbridge.

Smoke stack, traditional steering wheel chain drive.

Flywheel with a diameter of 80 mm with grooved pulley.

Clutch engaged gear wheel, permitting the use of the machine as a stationary steam engine.

Operating time about 15 minutes per fuel charge.

Anodized aluminium rollers.

Finely painted, matching colours

Specifications Length : 320mm Width : 150mm Height : 200mm Weight : 1,9 kg

Wilesco Steam Roller