Wilesco Steam Engine D10

Wilesco Steam Engine D10 (STM10)
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Wilesco Steam Engine D10. 

A superb Engine from Wilesco. Mirror polished and nickelplated boiler, diameter 45 mm, length 115 mm, boiler capacity 155 cm³, with water gauge glass.

Boiler house true to life, coloured and copperplated, with embossed brick type walls, 2 footbridges.

Double-action reversible brass cylinder with flywheel, spring loaded safety valve, dome whistle, flywheel of 70 mm diameter with grooved pulley, centrifugal governor, steam jet oiler.

All condensed water is collected in a gathering tray below the smoke stack and the chimney smokes just like the original.

Finely painted metal base plate 200 x 260 mm.

Height, including smoke stack, 240 mm.

Specifications Base plate : 200 x 260 mm Height : 240 mm Weight : 1,1 kg

Wilesco Steam Engine D10