Veritas Ruler Stop

Veritas Ruler Stop (476679)
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Key Features

For setting saw fences, repeat cuts etc
Slide the stop over the ruler end and tighten
Will not mar the ruler edge
Knurled tip of brass adjustment screw
Securely clamps even the thinnest rulers
Repositioning is fast and easy
Anodized & contoured aluminium body
Suits rulers from 22mm(7/8") to 32mm(1.1/8") wide
Up to 1.25mm(0.05") thick
Made in Canada


The Veritas ruler stop increases the usefulness of a metal ruler by providing a solid reference point. It is ideal for setting saw fences, repeat cuts, etc. To use, slide the stop over the ruler end and tighten it at the desired position. The notched post at the tip of the brass adjustment screw allows even the thinnest rulers to be clamped securely; it will not mar the ruler edge. Repositioning is fast and easy. The stop's anodised aluminum body is contoured to fit comfortably between thumb and forefinger, with raised ridges for a better grip. Accommodates rulers from 22mm(7/8") to 32mm(1.1/8") wide and up to 1.25mm(0.05") thick, the typical dimensions of rulers in the 300mm(12") to 610mm(24") length range. At 25mm wide by about 57mm long (including the adjustment screw), this tool is as compact as it is useful.

Veritas Ruler Stop