Veritas Sliding Bevels And Setters

Metric Bevel Setter (202376)

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Veritas Sliding Bevels

  • Cam-lock mechanism cast from silicon bronze
  • Lever flush with the stock
  • Resin impregnated wooden stock
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Available 100mm or 250mm blade lengths

As locking mechanisms go this one is pretty good. A cam-lock mechanism is cast from silicon bronze and let into the body. The silicon bronze cam-lock lever is set flush with the stock and there is a recess provided so that the user can release the blade without losing a thumbnail. The wooden stock is resin impregnated, for strength, durability and stability. Available as either a 100mm(4") or 250mm(10") blades are stainless steel.

Metric Bevel Setters

  • Set specific angles for your sliding bevel
  • From 0° to 60° in 1/2° increments
  • Useful for dovetailing/machine set-up polygon work
  • Aids accurate fitting in tight locations
  • Etched stainless-steel blade

This stainless steel bevel setting tool allows a sliding bevel to be set at any angle from 1° to 60° in 1/2° increments. Similarly it can be used in conjunction with a bevel to check existing angles. The blade is 75 x 180mm (3" wide & 7" long), and the graduations etched for permanence. The reverse has common dovetail and polygon angles.

Veritas Sliding Bevels And Setters
Veritas Sliding Bevels And SettersVeritas Sliding Bevels And SettersVeritas Sliding Bevels And Setters