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Block Planes

Veritas Block Plane Accessories

Tall Front Knob (477041)

£8.64  £7.78

Ball Tail (475590)

£32.75  £29.48

Large Tote (475724)

£26.45  £23.81

Veritas Block Plane Accessories

  • Provides a comfortable, firm grip
  • Made of bubinga wood

For retrofitting to the Veritas low-angle block plane, you can choose a vertical tote or ball tail style of handle. Though the low-angle plane can be used with the ball tail alone, full benefit is obtained when you add the tall front knob. The vertical tote provides a comfortable, firm grip for greater leverage and, with the tall knob, you can bear down quite heavily. The grips are made of bubinga wood. Totes are available in small or large, to suit a range of hand sizes.

Veritas Block Plane Accessories

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