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Restore your processions back to life with Hobbies new range of Polishing Tools from Shestos PoliCraft Range. All you need is a good drill and you too will be able to restore that just new look to your old possessions.

 The New PoliCrfat Range includes

5 Ready-to-Use DIY Polishing Kits

Ideal for polishing:

  • Brass, copper and soft metals
  • Stainless steel and hard metals
  • Chrome and plated metals
  • Hard and soft wood
  • Plastic and bakelite

Each ready to use kit includes the necessary preparatory buffs and final high polishing buffs for the material to be polished. It also includes the correct polishing compounds for the early stage polishing as well as the right compound for achieving the final high finish. Also included the necessary arbor and easy to follow stage by stage instructions.

The simple way to produce a professional high quality finish on most materials. Buffing is one of the best ways to restore the original appearance to many varied materials. The techniques used extensively by industry to bring products to a professional finish are often closely guarded secrets. Now anyone can master these processes and end up with professional results using the PoliCraft range of product.