Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper 610872

Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper (27050)
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10-Piece Wood Router Cutter Set (29020)
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Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper

Crossed between a router table and moulder / shaper in miniature.

This machine is a self contained unit using miniature router cutters, held in the collets 2.4, 3, and 3.2mm, to produce small detailed profiles used in dolls house and model making projects and similar precision work.

Powered by a long life 100 watt motor achieving 25,000rpm no load speed.

The head is fully adjustable within a cutter guard / hold down, the incremental adjustment can be zeroed with one revolution equalling 1.00mm in height and one division on the scale equalling 0.05mm in height.

Measuring 300 x 150mm the table is a generous well made surface supporting a full length parallel fence and slotted for the mitre fence or any jigs or sub-tables you might want to traverse across the cutter.

Dust extraction is essential with this unit via the 37mm outlet provided and which is suitable for connection to a standard vacuum cleaner.

Model MT 300

Dust Extraction Outlet 37mm

Nett Weight 2.0kg

Power 100W

Rating Light Trade

Speed 25,000rpm

Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper 610872
Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper 610872Proxxon MT 300 Micro Shaper 610872