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Hobbies 3 Book Deal (HB900)
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Hobbies Small Wood Projects

Step back in time with Hobbies to construct a novel biscuit server, learn the art of chip carving, or simply marvel at the furniture of a pre-Ikea era.

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Hobbies Annual

From 1895, ‘Hobbies Weekly’ brought much-needed practical advice and inspiration to bespectacled boys in V-neck pullovers, young ladies in sensible shoes and their pipe-smoking parents (of both sexes) throughout the Empire. Fretwork plans, model-making instructions and photography tuition rubbed shoulders with home-made insect repellent, conjuring tricks, milk bottle care, simple refrigeration and seamanship.

Hobbies Annual

Hobbies Story

This book traces the history of our world famous fretwork and engineering company from its humble beginnings in 1887 to the present day.

The Hobbies Story