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Hobbies Annual + Small Wood Projects 

Both for £14.99!

Hobbies Annual.

From 1895, ‘Hobbies Weekly’ brought much-needed practical advice and inspiration to bespectacled boys in V-neck pullovers, young ladies in sensible shoes and their pipe-smoking parents (of both sexes) throughout the Empire.

Fretwork plans, model-making instructions and photography tuition rubbed shoulders with home-made insect repellent, conjuring tricks, milk bottle care, simple refrigeration and seamanship.

We especially commend the series ‘Kinks For Handy Men’.

In a book of carefully-selected extracts from this august journal, The Ammonite Press is proud to reintroduce these solid values at a time when society couldn’t be in greater need of guidance in such useful skills as ornamental glass-working at home and the production of bewildered rabbits from hats.

How many young people these days can construct a carrier wave transmitter at the dining table? How much more satisfying would be the work of David Hockney had he made his own easel, palette and oil paints?

This book is bound to appeal to any young person in need of a phenakistoscope, those women whose home is without a boot-cleaning stool and all men who wish to benefit from the advice given in countless Hobbies weeklies.


Hobbies Small Wood Projects Book

Step back in time with Hobbies to construct a novel biscuit server, learn the art of chip carving, or simply marvel at the furniture of a pre-Ikea era.

Bursting with quirky ideas for toys and puzzles, ingenious household implements, decorative touches, and hints for recycling scrap, this book is a treasure trove for the budding hobbyist.

Innocently charming projects give a glimpse of what life was like in the households of a gentler age, when children made their own entertainment with sharp tools and lead paint; when brown was the new brown, smoking was manly and luminous paint was radioactive.

The ideal gift book, Hobbies Small Wood Projects packs conveniently flat and requires no Allen key.