Sequin Art Kits

Sequin Art

Sequin art is a fun and simple craft using coloured discs to create stunning pictures that sparkle and shine. These kits are fully equipped with sequins, pins, coloured pictures and an instruction guide to help you.

Any of these beautiful sequin art sets make a great gift for anybody, and give a great result that can be hung on a wall and brighten any room. Suited for ages 8 and up, sequin art can be fun for all the family, and provide great entertainment and a stunning decoration.

Here at Hobbies we stock a range of designs for sequin art, with a wide array of nature scenes such as rainbow butterflies and a school of fish underwater. We offer both cartoon and realistic animal sequin art, so whether you want to make an adorable kitten or a glittering replica of the king of beasts, we are bound to have the perfect set for you.

These fantastic craft kits can be easily personalised, like the Craft My Name Teddy set, which you can customise to say any phrase, name or word you like.

Sequin art is easy – use the pins to hold individual sequins in place on a thick styrofoam board and build up a picture of your favourite animals or characters.