Versi Slates

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Versi Slates (small Pack Of 50) (S8013SL)
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Versi Slates (large Pack Of 250) (L8013SL)
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Ridge Tiles (pack Of 20) (8014SL)
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Versi Slates

A new range of reversible, lightweight slips and roof tiles made from card with a realistic finish.

These new lightweight versi slates are coated with a light grey finish on one side and a dark grey finish on the other side, so you can choose which colour looks best on your model.

They are ideal for a beginner as they are very easy to cut with scissors and give a neat and attractive finish.

Simply glue in place using PVA adhesive.

Overlap each row by half a tile and stagger joints.

S8013SL (Small Pack of 50) covers 37 sq ins - 238 sq cms

L8013SL (Large Pack of 250)covers 185 sq ins - 1193 sq cms

Versi Slate Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles are available to match the versi slates.

Coated light grey on one side and dark grey on the other, Simply score lightly down the centre of the tile on the reverse side then fold along the line.

Glue in place using PVA adhesive.

Also available with DIY crests for you to glue on.

Each ridge tile is 3cm long.