Aerographics 1912 Blackburn Monoplane Balsa Kit

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Aerographics 1912 Blackburn Monoplane (SM335)
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Super Phatic Glue 50ml (AD21)
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Deluxe Materials Eze Dope 250ml (BD42)
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Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste 50ml (AD60)
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The 1912 Blackburn Monoplane is the oldest flying aircraft on the British register.

Based on the machine at the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden.

Wingspan - 22.5"

This Aerographics model comes complete with pilot, rigging and clear vac formed dummy spoked wheels. and ready to cut printed balsa panels.

Clear installation instructions for rubber, CO2 or electric powered flight.

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase Super Phatic Glue 50ml (AD21), Eze Dope (BD42) and Tissue Paste (AD60).