West Wings Hawker Hart Balsa Plane Kit

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Hawker Hart (WW09)
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Hawker Hart - Westwings

A most elegant bi-plane:

Rubber powered model.

Printed balsa panels - ready to cut kit.  Wingspan 632mm

There's nothing that captures those mid war years of military aviation quite like the silver Hawker biplanes. Their combination of a biplane design and the inclusion of a Rolls Royce V12 engine captures the technology of the day.

Our Hart is a builder’s delight and requires more skill to build than most of our kits. Particular care must be taken in building and jigging the wings to ensure the correct flight performance. You really need to like building wings with this one.

The beautiful fuselage shape is created by the standard method of formers and stringers etc. built over the plan to arrive at two half shells, which are then joined together. All tail surfaces are built up and the final structure covered in doped tissue.

The scope for detailing the West Wings Hawker Hart is enormous. Whether it be guns, bombs or just rigging, this model is a scale 'buffs' delight with the final result often being a real worry on that first flight. No need to, she's a great flier and really benefits from trim fine-tuning.

The kit contains all the required items of hardware such as wire, wheels, propeller, rubber and tissue covering.

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase glues.