West Wings Olympian Balsa Kit

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Olympian Westwings (WW22)
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Originally designed for a competition at the 1993 Model Engineer Exhibition, she became so popular that she was put into general production! With a best competition flight time of 1 Minute 44 Seconds it’s easy to see why.

The fuselage is very simple to build from printed sheet components and can be completed in a few minutes, it’s that easy!

By starting with a simple construction method, that gives quick, rewarding results, the builder then progresses to the more traditional strip and rib wing that is built over the plan.

This is an ideal way to work up to fully built up designs by balancing speed with constructional learning. Add to this the understanding of lightweight covering methods and it’s easy to understand why the Olympian has been an ongoing success.

The builder has a choice of both open cockpit and enclosed to choose from, both canopy styles are included in the kit.

The kit also includes an effective propeller and basic rubber motor. As experience increases, this rubber can be upgraded to ‘Tan’ type for even longer flight times.

The Olympian has good flight stability, thanks to an effective and efficient wing design yet retains the good robustness so essential as the owner learns the skills necessary to trim a free flight model.

With great looks and steady flight performance, the Olympian makes a great first free-flight model and is particularly suited to youngsters wanting to start out in model aircraft.

Span:610mm  Scale:Non Scale  Power:Rubber

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase glues.