West Wings Star Rider Balsa Glider

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West Wings Star Rider Balsa Glider (MAP201)
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West Wings Star Rider Balsa Glider has a passing resemblance to the designs that eminate from the genius of Bert Rutan, the Star Rider is a dramatic ‘Canard’ design with truly stunning performance. Those that know nothing about aircraft design will tell you it is built backwards but as soon as you fly her they will understand that not all aircraft need to be conventional and have the ‘tail’ at the back . The advantage of a canard is in it’s ability to resist stalling at low speeds. Construction is simple and quick as a result of the small number of sheet components and if you follow the instructions carefully, you will be amazed at how she flies. Be different, try a Star Rider!

Span: 16" (406mm) 
Scale: Non Scale
Power: Catapult Glider