West Wings Westland Widgeon Balsa Model Aircraft Kit

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Westland Widgeon (WW10)
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A Classic 1930's light aircraft. Although not actually a 'homebuilt', the Widgeon captures that concept quite well and adds that 1930's aura as a bonus.

Our Widgeon faithfully reproduces the original, right down to the negative tail incidence. Yes, negative, just in case owners thought it was a mistake! It's all a matter of balancing the various incidences to get the right flying performance. Who are we to argue with Westland about their design!

Construction starts with cutting out the pre-printed balsa components from their balsa sheets and then combining them with plan and strip in the time honoured fashion.

The kit contains all the required items of hardware such as wire, wheels, propeller, rubber and tissue covering.

This is not a slow flying model, but has a unique look in the air. It does however, benefit from the stability that a high wing mount provides and is simple to trim.

Wingspan - 24.25"/616mm

Scale - 1:18

Power - Rubber

As is usual with this kind of kit, you will still need to purchase glues.