Amati Titanic RMS 1912 Wooden Model Ship Kit

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RMS Titanic 1912 Kit (HPS/1606)
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Amati Titanic Model Kit


  • Scale = 1:250
  • Length = 1093mm (43")
  • Beam = 120mm (4 3/4")
  • Photographic Instructions
  • Laser cut wooden parts
  • Photo etched parts
  • Plank on frame
  • Museum Quality
  • Can be made for RC

Amati have produced a superb and detailed model kit of the famous White Star Liner Titanic. Accurate to the last detail, the Plank-on-bulkhead kit contains laser cut wooden parts and flexible lime wood deck and hull planking. Hundreds of photo-etched brass parts replicate ornamentation and other fine detailing. Moulded plastic lifeboats, brass wire, nails and eye bolts, cast metal anchor and propellers supply life-like realism. Even the smoke-stacks are complete with copper rivets!

Eight sheets of precise plans and a 32-page book of photographic instructions guide you to a beautiful finish.

Base board and brass pedestals are included with this model

SS Titanic (or rather RMS, since she was carrying the Royal Mail), with her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, was one of the largest transatlantic passenger liners owned by the White Star Line. Built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, she was popularly considered unsinkable. But this myth was created by the press and not by the owners (who, however, made no effort to deny the claim), and was due to the fact that the liner was capable of remaining afloat even with four watertight compartments completely flooded. Unfortunately, on the night she struck the iceberg the number of breached compartments amounted to six. She sank on her maiden voyage on the night of the 14th April 1912. The tragedy, in which 1503 of the 2200 souls aboard lost their lives (40% of first class and 70% of third class passengers), caused an enormous outcry and led to the first ever conference dedicated to maritime safety. The Titanic disaster ranks as one of the worst peacetime maritime tragedies in history, and is by far the most famous.

Optional Extras

Model Makers Glue Pack:

  • Deluxe Materials Speed Bond 112g
  • Deluxe Materials Roket Max Thick Cyano (Super glue)

Hobbies Planking Tool Set:

  • Plank Bending Tool with Blade
  • 2 x 50mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • 2 x 75mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • Pen Grip Pin Pusher
  • 7.5mm Brass Pins for Pin Pusher (Pack of 100)