Occre Apostol Felipe Spanish Galleon 1:60 Scale Wood Model Ship Kit

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Occre Apostol Felipe Spanish Galleon 1:60 Scale Wood Model Ship Kit (14000)
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The Apostol San Felipe features plank-on-frame construction with laser cut wooden parts.

Cast metal pieces include doors, stern ornamentation, bilge pumps, 30 gun ports and frames, falconets, gun carriages with wheel shafts and wheels, cleats, lantern and anchor stocks.

Gallery ornamentation, cannon barrels, chainplates, bowsprit iron, trestletrees, eyebolts and rings are brass.

Ready-to-use boxwood blocks and deadeyes, 4 diameters of rigging, silk-screened flags and pennants, plus pre-sewn sails recreate the rig plan of the original galleon.

Seven plan drawings and clearly written instructions, accompanied by corresponding color photos.


  • Scale: 1:60
  • Length: 785mm
  • Height: 695mm
  • Width: 310mm


History of the Apóstol Felipe:

The Apóstol Felipe was one of the six galleons built by Martín de Arana for King Felipe IV. It formed part of the "Silver Galleons". This type of galleon was used for transporting goods and treasures in the "Race for the Indies". Its first voyage as a member of the galleon fleet was made in 1629, transporting treasures to Spain. It was an Admiral vessel of the Guardian Armada until 1633. It took part in the war of Brazil to recuperate Pernambuco and transported troops and money to Flanders, taking part in the battle of Dunas.