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Bundle Deal: Electric Plank Bender, Master Cut, Pin Pusher Dual Tube Deluxe

  • Electric Plank Bender for the easy permanent bending of planking strips. Place your strip on the wooden form and heat it by moving the plank bender over it several times. Set includes handle with round metal head plus a wooden pattern with different curves. Complete with a UK plug adaptor fitted. (Please note: Product now has a yellow handle not black as pictured)
  • Amati Pin Pusher Dual Tube Deluxe allows easy positioning of nails. Insert nail inside tube, hold the tool near the piece you want to nail, push slightly and the nail is nailed! Easy to use. Comes with small bag of brass pins.
  • Amati Mastercut makes quick and accurate mitre cuts in wooden or plastic strips and ensures that all cuts are identical. Fully adjustable from 45° to 90°. Sturdy plastic and metal construction, assembles in minutes. Kit includes five spare blades.