Tamiya Velociraptors Pack of 6 Dinosaur Diorama Model Kit

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Tamiya Velociraptors Pack of 6 Dinosaur Diorama Model Kit (60105)
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Paint Pack For Velociraptors Set (9 X 10ml) (PP60105)
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The Velociraptor was a small carnivorous dinosaur which inhabited a large area from Asia to North America during the Late Cretaceous period.

This is a highly realistic set of six 1/35 scale models of the Velociraptor dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous Period. The six models allow the construction of a very realistic diorama scene. Different postures can be achieved by interchanging body and limb parts, and each model comes with a compact rock like surfaced display stand. These are ideal for display with our other dinosaur diorama sets (sold seperately)


  • Thoroughly researched and educational
  • Highly accurate in scale and pose
  • Lifelike skin appearance
  • includes display stands


This kit enables six Velociraptors to be made and includes various parts to allow each to have a different pose.

Each finished model may be mounted on its own individual display base.


About the Velociraptor:

The Cretaceous Period of history was not ruled by just the huge dinosaurs, such as Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. many small dinosaurs existed as well, and one of which was the Velociraptor, which means speedy predator. The compact and fearsome Velociraptor was about 2 -3 metres in length, and it is thought that they also lived and hunted in packs. Their most distinctive feature was a large sickle-like claw as the second toe on each foot. These toes were used to slash at their prey, wounding it for the final kill. This fearsome predator, that lived so long ago, is believed to have been very agile, quick and clever.