Prime Desert Assault V2 4WD Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4GHz

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Prime Desert Assault V2 4WD Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4GHz (1-BS218T)
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Utilising the same proven chassis as the Assault V2 and Onslaught V2 the Prime Desert Assault provides fantastic performance and awesome looks. The new roll cage body with its fluorescent orange and black paint job makes the car really stand out from the crowd and offers a refreshing change and at an astonishing price.

Full shaft driven 4WD, fully adjustable independent suspension, oil-filled shocks and twin differentials provide the ultimate experience and the included 2.4GHz steer- wheel radio keeps you in control at all times.

The water resistant electronics are kept safe in a dust free radio box in the chassis of the model to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. Supplied complete with a 7.2v 1800mAh Ni-MH and charger keep you running, the Prime Desert Assault is the complete package!

A strong chassis is important for any desert racer, and it's no different with the Prime Desert Assault. With its high performance design, the Prime Desert Assault takes all the latest refinements from the fastest desert buggies and combines them in a tough, ready to run package.


6061 Aluminium chassis plate, with tough roll cage
First pressing DuPont plastic wishbones
Sealed dustproof radio case
6061 Aluminium shock towers
Low centre of gravity for better handling
Fully adjustable steering and suspension geometry
Powerful 550 Brushed Motor and Water Resistant ESC
Twin sealed differentials


The Prime Desert Assault features a powerful high torque brushed motor and water resistant Electronic Speed Control.

Motor Type: 550 Brushed
Motor Limit: 15T
ESC: Water Resistant Brushed

The Prime Desert Assault features sealed differential units, with steel, beveled drive gears to ensure maximum strength and efficient drive transfer to the place you need it most, the wheel in each corner.

Heavy duty dogbones handle the power delivery to each wheel
Fully adjustable independant suspension
Sealed ball race bearings ensure smooth running
Treaded off-road tyres with inserts provide maximum grip

Length 430mm
Width 275mm
Height 140mm
Drive 4WD
Motor Brushed RC-550