Tamiya TEU-302BK Power FET Speed Controller

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Tamiya TEU-302BK Power FET Speed Controller (45028)
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  • Input Power supply 7.2volts
  • Compatible with 23T motors
  • Output for reciever = 6volts
  • Dimensions: L=33.5mm W=27.2mm H=14.3mm
  • 3 step frequency system
  • For brushed motors
  • Reverse lockout is possible with the setting button


A compact forward/reverse running electronic speed controller (ESC) featuring a high frequency wave drive system.

Three types of current flow adjuster allow driver to choose from three accelerations speeds, including mild setting for slippery conditions, quick setting for high grip track conditions.

Set button allows for adjustment of maximum forward and reverse throttle trigger settings. Transmitters from other makers can also be used

Reverse running can be changed to braking function, allowing the driver to enter races where forbidding reverse running.

Compatible with down to 23 turn stock motors

Features three safety functions: a reduced voltage reduction safety circuit to prevent loss of control, Heat protection function, and overcurrent protection function