Tamiya Volvo Globetrotter Timber Truck Kit

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Tamiya Volvo Globetrotter Timber Truck Kit (56360)
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Euro Trucks Mulit-Function Control Unit (56523)
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Truck Radio Package (TRP)
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Euro Volvo Globetrotter FH16 6x4 Kit

Scale: 1:14

Length: 733mm

The chassis uses a ladder frame that combines resin cross members on the side rails with aluminium channel material. Power is transmitted from the 3-speed transmission to the two rear axles via the prop shaft. A differential gear is built into the rear wheel axles to create smooth cornering. Highly-realistic suspension utilizes metal leaf springs and friction dampers. The model enjoys easy driving thanks to the float-mounted die-cast front and reinforced resin rear axles. Furthermore, it is equipped with a TR Mighty Tune Motor (35T) that generates sufficient torque even at low speeds, so you can enjoy powerful running. Logs can be made from cardboard templates included in the kit.

Multi Function Control Unit and Truck Radio Package are required to complete.