Revell Bentley 4.5L Blower Kit

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Revell Bentley 4.5L Blower Kit (07007)
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Starter Paint Pack 5 X 17ml (VP07007)
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Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement (AD83)
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Revell Bentley 4.5L Blower Kit

  • Multi-part, highly detailed engine
  • Separate Roots compressor with carburettors
  • Faithfully reproduced chassis parts wit integrated leaf springs
  • Multi-part bodywork
  • Separate, two-piece engine hood
  • Intricate front light mountings including protective covers
  • Rotating spoked wheels and spare wheel
  • Separate, intricately suspended front and rear mud-guards
  • Diverse chrome parts, including quick release wheel nuts, fuel tank cap, radiator grill, headlight casings and hand-break
  • Authentic decal set for the Blower with start number 8 in the 1930 Le Mans Race
  • Length – 183mm
  • Scale – 1:24

Bentley Motors Ltd had participated in the 24-hour race at Le Mans since first race held in 1923.

This brought added popularity to the Bentley brand name.

Development of a model with an engine displacing approximately 4.5 litres began in 1926.

The vehicle was named after this engine with which Bentley won overall victory at the 1928 Le Mans.

Bentley were able to successfully defend this victory again in 1929. Some 4.5 litre models were modified prior to participating in the 1930 Le Mans race.

Amongst other items, a Roots supercharger was added and positioned clearly visible in front of the radiator grill, from whence the car then became known as the Bentley 4½ litre Supercharged or Bentley Blower.

The power rating of the over 4 metre long vehicle was an impressive 240 hp.

Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement 40 ml.

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