Tamiya Tiger I Early Production Plastic Model Kit

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Tamiya Tiger I Early Production Plastic Model Kit (35216)
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Starter Paitn Pack (9 x 17ml Pots) (VP35216)
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Tiger I Early Production

During the middle section of world war two, the German Wehrmacht were hard pushed, fighting two battle fronts. German tanks were continuously beaten by the superior T34 and KV-I tanks. A new tank was designed which far suppressed the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks, this tank was the Tiger I. Equipped with a 88mm gun and 100mm front armour and 80mm side armours, this tank was a fearsome adversary. Distinctive features of early production Tiger I tanks include the large cylinder shaped cupola with a smoke discharger and pistol ports on the turret.

About the Tamiya Tiger I Early Production model

This is a 1/35th scale model.

Highly accurate static display model

Realistic exterior detailing

Detailed flexible tracks

One life-like commander figure