Pathfinders Lift Bridge Educational Wood Kit

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Pathfinders Lift Bridge Educational Wood Kit (26731)
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Inspire a new generation of budding engineers and makers with this fun, working bridge kit. Learn about Lift bridges from the past and present!

Used mainly for railways, a lift bridge is a common sight around the world. This DIY kit, based on a truss design, will provide hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages.

  • Scale model kit - easy to make in about an hour
  • Great for beginner model makers
  • All pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • Historically accurate details and a working span!

One of the most common types of bridges for freight trains, our Truss Design Lift Bridge is a working replica of the many lift bridges that have been made over the last 100 years.

Lift bridges became the workhorses of the freight railroads for many years as rail lines expanded over the rivers and ports of the world. The design was particularly useful in areas where there was no room for a bridge to swing, such as a busy industrial port. This bridge uses a small handle and crankshaft to lift the center span to the top of the truss structure, allowing trolls and other vehicles to safely pass between the two ends. The kit can be mostly made without glue and taken apart for storage. Snug slot construction and accurate cutting makes this possible!

Model dimensions:

Length: 380mm x Height: 250mm x Width: 75mm Approx.

Kit contains:

  • 24 wood pieces
  • 1 screw eye
  • 3 dowels
  • String
  • 6 x O rings
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Great instructions and Educational material.

Suitable for ages 7+