NOVA SuperNOVA2 Woodturning Chuck (1 1/8" 8tpi UNC RH) and Accessories

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NOVA SuperNOVA2 Woodturning Chuck (1 1/8" 8tpi UNC RH) and Accessories (717817)
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NOVA SuperNOVA2 Woodturning Chuck (1 1/8" 8tpi UNC RH) 

NOVA SuperNOVA2 Woodturning Chuck Insert Type

  • 100mm diameter, high tensile steel, nickel plated body
  • Self-centring, takes up to 500mm diameter swing
  • Ideal chuck for the ambitious woodturner
  • Auto-Stop feature prevents the jaws protruding from the body of the chuck
  • Duracon composite backing plate with 24 division indexing
  • Plate also keeps dust and debris away from chuck’s mechanism
  • Main body supplied with 50mm jaws, Woodworm screw, insert adaptor, chuck key and tools
  • Wide range of adaptors available to fit onto a large variety of lathes

+ NOVA 50mm Faceplate

+ NOVA Pin Chuck Accessory Jaw Set

  • Useful jaw when turning free form edge bowls
  • 25mm extended jaws act like a pin chuck expanding into a pre-bored hole
  • Longer stand-out of the jaws allow for a very powerful spigot grip
  • Expands into a recess between 26mm and 46mm diameter
  • Spigot range from 10mm to 31mm diameter
  • Square timber between 7mm and 38mm

+ NOVA Universal Chuck Spanner Accessory

NOVA Universal Spanner with 4 NOVA specific functions
Handy all in one tool
Thin section makes it easy to position between the chuck and lathe
Handle length provides plenty of grip and leverage
Fits all NOVA chucks for easy and fast loosening

+ NOVA Chuck Insert (1 1/8" 8tpi UNC RH)

Adapts any insert type NOVA chuck to almost any lathe spindle at a very low cost
Easy and inexpensive insert/adaptor system on all NOVA chucks
Simply screws into the back of your NOVA chucks
Ensures maximum adaptability and flexibility
Changing your lathe only requires change of insert